In April of 2010 we held an amazingly fun exhibition called PlayBack at Labspace Studio in Toronto. The exhibition turned on an opportunity for play, exploration, and interaction while shifting and exchanging roles between Artist, Viewer, and Artwork; between different individuals, objects, and artifacts. The exhibition functioned through community dialogue within the space as individuals took the opportunity to experience, interact with, and share the individual moments which existed in the activated space.

Co-curators, and Artists Sam Pelletier, Brian Sasaki, Gram Schmalz, Alex Shaw, Laura Smith, and Ashley Wheeler created a space in which the works were anonymous until asked about, inactive until acted upon, and most importantly full of play and fun.

The show also featured five amazing musical collaborators: Graham Shaw, Nima Nevab, Andrew Shenkman, Ryan Nicholls, and Darrell Wallace who not only activated the space with their awesome improvised tunes but also collaborated with the artists and the viewers as part of an interactive work.


Pay to Play – Gram Schmalz and Alex Shaw (2010)

Sewing Machine -Laura Smith (2010)

One of Us – Sam Pelletier (2010)

Harmoney: Story – Sam Pelletier (2010)

Harmoney: Instructions – Sam Pelletier (2010)